James Watt's 1765 steam engine didn't change your life unless you were pumping water out of coal mines. A steam-powered factory could have produced enough goods to supply an entire nation, but since there was no way to distribute that output there wasn't much point in building such a factory. With the railroad came the ability to serve a national market with one factory. Factories grew enormous and pulled people out of the countryside to work inside the Satanic Mills. It was the mounting of the steam engine on rails and the spreading of railroads across nations that transformed society, not the steam engine per se. The computer is the steam engine of our times; the network is the railroad.

  -Phillip Greenspun in Phillip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing

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Teach Yourself Windows NT 4 Visually Read entire book ASAP.
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MCSE The Core Exams in a Nutshell. Chapters 1 and 2.
Tutorial 1: How do Computers Store Information?
Read by Session 8:
MCSE The Core Exams in a Nutshell. Chapters 3 and 4.
Read by Session 12:
MCSE The Electives in a Nutshell. TCP-IP and IIS Chapters.

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Networking Essentials Flashcards
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For experienced NT professionals:
Essential Windows NT System Administration
Windows NT TCP-IP
Windows NT Resource Kit

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Amos Satterlee's Guide to the Class Checklist
Tutorial 1: How do Computers Store Information?
OSI Summary
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HTML By Example
Perl On NT

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Network-Info MCSE Resource Page Good test summary information.
NT Professional Ring Link page.
ITTutor Tutorials.
Cramsession.com Study tips and other useful information.
MCP Magazine A great, searchable resource for the tests and the real world.
Microsoft MCP Site Information from Microsoft about all of the Microsoft certifications.

More pages for NT Professionals:
NT Utilities and General Resources
Beyond the MCSE tests - other useful skills for NT professionals

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System Administration:
Essential Windows NT System Administration. Frisch (O'Reilly) $34.95 Excellent overall guide, including guide to add-ons.
Windows NT TCP-IP Hunt, Thompson (O'Reilly) See above for description.
Windows NT In a Nutshell. Pearce (O'Reilly) $19.95 Quick reference for experienced administrators.
Windows NT Shell Scripting. Hill (MacMillan) Everything you need to know about Shell Scripting. But don't read the whole book - it shows you how to more than you should do with the Shell. Before getting too deeply into scripting you should just start learning Perl. For more about Perl, see Beyond the MCSE Tests.
Windows NT Resource Kit (server and workstation). Microsoft (Comes with Technet, free for one year with new MCSE). Read this before getting more books - lots of in depth treatment of TCP-IP, DNS etc. etc. The book version of the NT Server Resource kit costs about $150, but if you get the CD supplement (previous link is to the supplement on the Amazon.com site) it includes the entire text of the book, for only about $40.
NT Resource Kit updated utilities

For further study:
Computer Networks. Tanenbaum. (Prentice-Hall)  For understanding all the details and background of networking. One of the best computer books ever written, but read the O'Reilly TCP-IP book first (above).
O'Reilly Books The World's Greatest Computer Book Press. Orginally focused on Unix and Perl, they are starting to publish excellent NT books. Check with their website periodically to see new releases. These are the books that professionals use.

NT and Win95 basics, MS Office, General Computing:
Keystone Videos
Teach Yourself Windows 98 Visually. maranGraphics (IDG)
Teach Yourself Windows NT 4 Visually. maranGraphics (IDG)
Teach Yourself Networking Visually maranGraphics(IDG)
Mastering Office 97 Visually. maranGraphics (IDG)
PC Upgrade and Repair Simplified maranGraphics (IDG)
Computers Simplified maranGraphics (IDG) The maranGraphics books are by far the best for beginners.

All about Computer Hardware:
The PC Guide

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Macmillan Computer Press
Computer Glossary



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Tech Expo
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Adam's Resume (Word Document)
Joe's Resume (HTML page and Word Document)

Job Listings and Employment Websites: Warning: agencies usually can't place beginners. It is much better for beginners to send their resumes directly to companies, or to attend a computer job fair. Also, for getting experience, consider interning and/or making a project on your own, for example, a web site. Also see the Discussion Board for tips from other students.
Today's MCSE Help Wanted Listings in the New York Times
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